Usability tests in 5 minutes

Usability tests in 5 minutes

We take care of all time-consuming logistics. All in a super-powered Spreadsheet.

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Scale your research tenfold with no added headcount


What is the problem?

How was organizing user research for you actually?

Oh man, it was a huge pain

Probably 70% of the work went into that

20% into synthesizing and only 10% into actual analysis and product discovery

Too much manual work?

Let the little 10XR spreadsheet take care of the nitty-gritty things.

Emails to users

Asks users for their availability and lets them know whether they got a slot or not. All through your email, so you get their reply.

No more setting up questionnaires

Automatically creates a with lightweight questions via or Google Form API. The replies are fetched automatically.

Questionnaire: We ask questions around the time slot, age group, profession, gender (n/f/m). Walk through a sample Typeform or Google Form here

Typeform: We like to use Typeform and it's API. Their questionnaires offer a rich user experience. A Google Form integration is also available

Un-bias the user selection

genders, age, availability and filters out

Balancing: The script considers three genders (n/f/m), four age groups (18-25, 26-35, 36-45, 46+) and the time slots a user has chosen.

The approach chosen by no means is perfect and if you have ideas to improve let me know.

Digital workers: The logic to filter out is fairly simple. It looks at their self-claimed profession and marks them a digital worker in case it contains one of the following terms: Digital, Consultant, PM, Designer, QA, Informatic, Computer Science, Dev, Freelance, Product, Software, PhD, Research, CEO, Marketing, UX, UI, iOS, Android, Tech, Engineer, Backend

Wraps up the organization

Block your calendar, send an invite to the user and whatever information you want them to have. In the next you will even get even more.

Iteration: Take a look on our next steps here:

  • Multi-language support
  • Participant summary via e-mail
  • Flexibility in texts, questionnaire and timeslots
  • Support for remote sessions
  • Give me your feedback